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Adding Products to the Shopping Cart

You can use MOBIPRO Web Shop’s shopping cart to collect the needed products from different product categories before payment. For navigation products you have to specify the phone model, delivery media, language (optional) and amount by using gradual guidance provided by MOBIPRO Web Shop. Software delivered on CD or provided as download contains all guidance languages unless indicated otherwise.

You have to add the product to the shopping cart by using Add to cart button. Shopping cart contents are displayed on the left side bar of the web shop. The shopping cart displays the products added including the name, amount, price and total sum. Adding products to the shopping cart does not create an order; you can always modify the shopping cart contents.

Modifying the Shopping Cart

You can start modifying the shopping cart contents by choosing Manage shopping cart link. The shopping cart is opened to your web browser and you can modify the product amounts, remove desired products or accept the shopping cart as it is.

Modify the order size by writing the desired number to the product’s Amount field. When you want to review the total sum for your shopping cart with the new product amounts, click on Apply changes button. The new product amounts and total sum are updated.

In order to remove desired products from the shopping cart you have to select Remove checkbox. The product is chosen now and you can remove the product from the shopping cart by clicking Apply changes button.

When you have modified the shopping cart contents and clicked the Apply changes button, the shopping cart content is updated and you can continue shopping. You can alternatively go ahead to the payment by clicking the Checkout button.

Before payment you will have to either login to MOBIPRO Web Shop (registered users) or register yourself as a new MOBIPRO Web Shop customer.


To buy products from MOBIPRO Web Shop you have to register yourself as a MOBIPRO Web Shop customer. You can register beforehand or during the ordering process by filling in the registration form. The fields marked with an asterix (*) are mandatory.

When ordering products you can use a separate delivery address as defined during the registration. When you are logged in to MOBIPRO Web Shop, your information is shown automatically in the order confirmation.


Before ordering you have to check carefully the selected products in the shopping cart in terms of quantity and languages (if applicable).

In order to purchase and pay the products you have to click Order products button in the order summary in the summary. After this an order summary is shown, where you can still check the total sum for the order. Click To online payment to continue to the payment phase.

Select the payment method on the Payment Selection page and complete the order by paying the ordered products.

Order Confirmation

The completed order is confirmed by MOBIPRO Web Shop and you will receive an order confirmation to your email address. You should check the order confirmation in terms of products, their quantities and total sum.

Terms of Registration